• Have you often felt hurt, ashamed or embarassed by the sexual behavior of a family member or friend?
  • Are you afraid to upset the sexaholic for fear of his or her reaction?
  • Do you hesitate to tell your parents or other adult about problems you are having because you feel they have their own problems to deal with?
  • Have you sometimes found yourselt searching for clues about a relative or friend's sexual behavior?
  • Has a family member ever asked you to spy on the sexaholic or to tell what you know about the sexaholic's behavior?
  • Have you felt you were responsible for the sexual behavior of a parent, family member or friend?
  • Has one of your parents or family members shared adult information with you that made you feel uncomfortable?
  • Have you lied to others or made excuses to yourself about another person's sexual conduct?
  • Have you felt confused and unable to separate what is true from what is not when talking with the sexaholic?
  • Have you or other members of your family ever thought about or attempted suicide because of someone else's sexual behavior?
  • Have you been sexually abused or been aware that other family members were being abused?
  • Are you afraid to be alone with the sexaholic?
  • Has a family member or friend been in jail or other legal trouble as a result of his or her sexual behavior, or do you fear that this kind of thing will happen?
  • Are you having problems keeping up with schoolwork or other responsibilities due to problems at home?
  • Have you felt responsible for the safety and happiness of your siblings or other family members?
  • Does the sexaholic make comments or show that he or she is sexually interested in you or any of your friends?
  • Do you often feel you hate one or both of your parents?
  • Do you cover up your real feelings by pretending you don't care?
  • Do you feel embarrassed to ask for help?
  • Do you feel alone in your problem?

If you can answer “yes” to even some of these questions, you may find help in S-Ateen.

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S-Ateen meetings are conducted separately from those of S-Anon, and are guided by adult S-Anon sponsors. Please contact the World Service Office to find out whether there is an S-Ateen meeting in your area.

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